Current Positions 2/2/11 – UrbanRyno

Here is a quick summary of what I traded today and what I’m holding:
The day started out great as ICGN gapped up like a madman.  I sold at the open on general market weakness. No need to fight the market trend. 
I’m still in EMMS since it held SMA20 today. However, I’m not impressed with the action today (lack of) and will keep stops tight tomorrow. I didn’t manage this trade too well.
AVL – Still holding on strong momo into close. 
I did close a previous SPY Put position at quite a loss (not shown above).  For now, I don’t play large positions in Options until I become a little more consistent. So, the pain was minimal on the loss.  
COOL was a boomer this morning.  Here is a chart of how I played it.. Notice I was in and out very quickly:

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  1. Assuming I’m long…I will generally sell some of position if price gets outside of both bands. When the stock is generally trending sideways, I want the price to stay within the tighter bands and will often exit (stop) if the price drifts into the outer bands. In the example above, it moved so fast that I was all out when it moved above both bands with long shadows.


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