Swing Watch List Update 2/14/11

Gotta make this short – have valentines day plans. lol
The Swing Watch List is boomin with trades.
Two stocks stopped out today:
DD – for 6% gain
LEN – for .7% loss – basically a break even
There are a pile of stocks currently active (swing triggered):
MERC – up 32% and up after hours, as well. What an animal.
ACPW – nice breakout today.
SGMO – up 8%
ACAS –  slowly drifting higher. Would like to see volume, however.
NCT – Strong move today
ROVI – Looking good for possible move. Watch this one closely.
PCLN – drifting up
SLM – 2% gain, so far after nice volume move today
PXD –  Looks like $100 is next
ATML – felling a little top heavy
CXO – Broke through $100. Let’s keep it going
SPWRA – Strong move today. Lots of air above… we’ll see if volume strength stays with us.
STP – Broke through SMA200, now looking to hold it as support
WAVX – Big day – up 8% on swing
OXY – up 1.25% on swing
HUN – Nice consolidation breakout.
As you can see, there are a lot of stocks on the list that triggered swings.  Hope you got a piece of the action. Don’t forget to set your stops –  I’ve placed stop ideas in the spreadsheet.



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