Swing Watch List Update 2/15/11

Good evening, Bulls.  Today’s intraday SPY chart looked more like an EKG than an organized rally or decline.  The weak retail sales numbers kept a cloud over the market today and every rally was met with sell-offs.  However, the close was not too shabby.  Today should make us stay cautions, but the bull rally isn’t officially over yet.  Remain nimble.
Stocks from the Swing Watch List that closed today on the market pullback:
ACPW – 5% gain
ROVI – .15% gain
PXD – .4% gain
ATML – 1.5% loss
HUN – 2.6% gain
Stocks that triggered swings today (we’ll need an up day tomorrow or many of these will likely be stopped out):
ABAT – 3.80 entry
AA – 17.50 entry
C – 4.92 entry
MWA – 4.13 entry
NVE – 14.7 entry
IO – 10.05 entry.  uggg. very tight stop.
Swings still swinging:
ACAS – up 2.5%
NCT – up 10%
SGMO – up 7%
PCLN – up 2.8%
SLM – up .7%
OXY – up 3%
SPWRA – up 4%
STP – up 5.4%
Stay nimble and honor your stops!



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