Evening folks.  Here is a video of a look at the market indexes what happened last week and what to look for in the coming week. We saw a nice pop in the markets this week with 5-6% gains in the major indexes.  The market has held its support and is now starting to move towards some resistance points.  All week the trading was focused on what bernanke was going to do.  After his speech we got a pretty big dip with market dipping almost 200 points then reversing.   This week we do have some major data coming out along with Jobs report on Friday.

This is still a difficult environment to swing as the moves are erratic and reversals are happening daily.  Gaps are getting faded and gap downs are common.  this makes any type of momo investing/swinging without edge.  These things never last long and once its over the swings will be back in play and will be epic as moves off bottoms launch hard when the base breaks.  We are just not there yet but will be soon enough.  the key is not to trade just to trade and be patient with things and let them setup.  Trade your style and your plan.  there is still a lot of money to be made out there.



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