TNA/TZA daytrading

Though you guys might to see this.  There are  a lot of different strategies when daytrading etfs.  One of my students ive been coaching the past 6 months Rahil Gulamhusein in our chatroom he is rahilg1 ( he never talks much)  has really picked up his game.  He he has taken many of my strategies and started to add his own now that he has understood how stocks move and how to look for levels of supply/demand. He is young guy maybe 24 years old and been trading on and off for past couple years.

Recently me and him were chatting about his progress and he mentioned to me how he has been making 500-600 a day the last few weeks flipping etfs and he had his first 1k days (multiple times) the past 2 weeks. This is off a 30k account going about 200 shares per trade.

the strategy is pretty simple and similiarto the one i use. he uses a bit longer timeframes on his.



He has been using 30min charts with 20 and 50sma.

now he does bascially the opposite when market starts to fade.. he uses tza. and tends to short near confrimed m.a. test of resistance. this is email! he is on vacay tomorrow but he said you can shoot him an email anytime you want!

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  1. This is really interesting. I would love to see an instructional video on playing TZA/TNA both by daytrading and with swings like this. It seems Rahil uses a 30 minute chart for these swings. I would be interested to see what type of chart setups and which indicators are useful for these types of trades while daytrading.

  2. he is primarly daytrading them for the most part. he seems to at times hold 1/3 of so overnight if it closes at highs.. i dont really teach indicators to any of my students..they dont work well as they tend to confuse people. . just m.a.’s and volume will be enough.

    let me put together a video!

  3. Great job-Rahil. Kunal makes one heck of a teacher. I love to see when other people figure out TNA and TZA.

    One day we will all trade TNA/TZA 🙂

  4. Ah yes, sound strategy and discipline, nice positive reinforcement for those of us who haven’t mastered it yet , thanks.

  5. haa yeah he has been doing it all this week to with me on gmail..funny stuff…. i had to coach him 1 on 1 though for 3-4 months to get to that point its not easy.. ill see if i can make some quick videos that can help


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