Market down slightly for the week but still bullish.

sp-500 -38%

nadaq- -13%

rut-x -1.06%


Consolidation week in the markets. The action was a tad slow as we are digesting a big move but the bulls were still firmly in control.  We had a couple instances where the bears had a chance to dip the market but they were quick and met with buying. After such a runup its not uncommon to see a breather in the markets and we are getting one. The nasdaq was the relative strenght leader and is right at highs.  Right now it looks and feels like we are in a bull market and should be treated with respect if your thinking about shorting it.  On weeks like this that are flat its important if you short to do it on quick trades for scalps.  Thats why any short we took this past week lasted less then an hour.  Just quick ones on stocks that got hit with news or bad earnings as they at least had a catalyst.


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