Stock Market Review




Russell 2000: +2.66%
Dow: +2.15%
S&P 500: +1.94%
Nasdaq Comp.: +1.52%

Nice weeks for the markets as All market indices have entered the breakout zone.  We are starting to see broad participation in the markets as almost everything is running! At this point besides a shorterm overbought signal we are not seeing any bearish patterns developing.  As of the moment the bulls are in control and as long as we hold support above that $spx 1420 zone we have to give the benefit of the doubt tot he bulls.  Now we are starting to see a lot of stocks get extended and I suspect that this coming week we will see some sector rotation.  If you got some swings in the book tighten up your stops if we get a dip it will be a nice opportunity to add some exposure


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