The State of Swing Trading in 2016

On Wednesday, June 15th at 7 PM ET, Paul Singh will be holding a free swing trading webinar! Paul is experienced swing trader. He runs the Bulls Swing Trading service, which provides swing trading alerts, analysis and education.


Paul will cover several topics of interest to swing traders and those considering swing trading.

  • 2016 Performance Review – Paul discusses his performance so far this year, and the theme that’s driven a lot of the stock choices.
  • Best and Worst – Learn about the best and worst trades of the season – what worked, what didn’t and why – as Paul dissects these crucial trades.
  • What’s Hot – Where’s the market going next? What will be will the hot swing trading stocks this summer? You’ll find out!


Swing trading is a great choice for those work full time jobs and can’t sit at a computer all day, as well as day traders who want to add some longer term plays to their portfolio. Paul is a detailed and methodical teacher, so be sure to stop in! You can register for free HERE.