Swing Trading Tips: Today's 3 Trades Reviewed and the State of the Market in 2016

The best way to excel as a swing trader is to break down exactly what a winning trader is thinking through the entire process of a trade.

It has been a profitable year so far and in today’s video I review my three most recent trades. Pay attention not only to the setup, but the thought process behind each trade. You will pick up on things like the setup, the stock’s relation to the overall market, the sector, risk and trade management.

After watching the video, make sure to sign up for tomorrow’s webinar. This is just a taste of what we’ll go over in the webinar. After reviewing my 2016 trading results and reviewing the trade setups, while discuss the state of trading going into the summer and the usual “ask me anything” Q&A.

2016 Swing Trading Performance:

Full Stats: http://bit.ly/1NFgq7C

stats trdes 6-9

On Wednesday Jun 15th we’ll do a full review of these trades. Sign up here!


Swing trading is a great choice for those work full time jobs and can’t sit at a computer all day, as well as day traders who want to add some longer term plays to their portfolio. Paul is a detailed and methodical teacher, so be sure to stop in! You can register for free HERE.



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