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The death of Kunal00, French Govt send Hacker Croll for termination



Thursday August 6th forever will be a day that lies deep in my big heart. It was Kunal gone wild….. I had woken up extremely early that morning (much earlier than you i can assure).Had my usual breakfast of 6 egg whites, 6 pieces of sausage, 6 pieces of ham, you know a mans breakfast. I remember feeling quite jolly and proud of myself as i drove to my office flicking off unsuspecting drivers with ohio license plates.



Little did I know that an evil little Frenchie named “hacker Croll” was out to ruin my day. As I got to the office to run my premkt scans guzzle 3-4 cups of coffee and make my lazy employees do their Calisthenics japanese style circa 1986 i had noticed something very peculiar to my twitter. fucker didnt work.



At first I was slightly saddened not being able to read @jweaving s incessant ramblings on random topics that make no sense or the random songs that get sent every few mintues by @celtsfan348. But then I percolated and got giddy like a school boy. One that was about to get to 2nd base for the first time. This could be magical without anybody watching or following me I could have some actual fun and do some real trading. Being a great trader on twitter is equilivant to being a Class A Porn Star. its just not for everybody unless you got a pair of bowling balls between your legs. Thats why you see so many jokers post all those damn articles and charts but never any fucking picks. For the first time in 9months I could be that big pansy, the guy who just links articles, I could freewheel buy and sell stocks like a coked out Bear Stearns broker on margin. No remorse no repercussion, nobody will see my mistakes like spring break 2008! w00t w00t.



well that was a fucking mistake.Seeing the big premkt gap on many of my stocks like CT, PACR, YRCW…I unloaded a massive load of shares(for big profit) and was sitting on 90% cash. As soon as mkt opened they faded back to my original buy prices so without even looking at the charts I started my positions. As the day continued All 3 stocks were down in excess of 10%.So i bought some more like a little kid reading his first porno i just couldnt get enough.And down down down they went like a toilet seat. So like every self respecting man who is not being watched, i removed my stop losses and tried to trade my way out of the mess.The mkt even made a minicomeback but unfortunately all my shares of these three p.o.s closed near their lows. My first down day in almost a month it was an ugly scene our 60year marketing director’s appendages were seen all over the conference room in a bloody heap while gunned a pack of Cowboy Killers on his carcass. I took off my cape for a moment and seriously almost had a glimpse of how mortal men live. You know the type: the guys that have 4 door domestic cars,a boss at work, and drink Budweiser products.



All those times I said “beware of the Frenchman with the lazy eye” man….who knew that he would be so pissed about it and come out to get me on such a fine thursday morning. That the frenchie would try to teach me the ultimate lesson…….losing….Probably the only ballsy thing a frenchman has done since the French Revolution. Well I did lose that day and learned a very important thing. The bozos on twitter who ask me the same question a thousand times, the jackass who questions my most brilliant trades, my dear friend skip weiler(i love this man…not in a gay way) asking me whats the gameplan everymorning. These are the guys that are making me rich. They hold me accountable, i hate being responsible for other peoples losses.Like every good pornstar I will never fail in front of crowd. I will always “get up” for i am “the man in white pants”.



In the end I didnt learn any lesson, all the stocks rocketed up bigtime today making my account up over 5%.The only lesson I learned is that when your young, brilliant, and ridiculously good looking there can be no losing. Well that and a good bull market will mask a lot of stupid mistakes like it did mine. Twitter has been a good thing for me…..reigning in all my excesses holding me accountable.You guys are awesome. Bullsonwallstreet is going to take that concept to the next level and we all are going to make some huge cash even enough for @jweaving to finally get those implants he has wanted the last year.



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