Here come the monkeys…….



Judging by the moves in KFN, BEE, SRZ, DTG etc America is
baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk.  Hi
debt plays are exploding.  All is well in
the world. Consumption is back. Cash for Clunkers!!!  Soon enough you will see Americans using
their credit card to have trysts with office coworkers and farmers daughters at
the W Hotel. 

You will see them smoking cherry smelling cloves at the local
brewery since only cretons smoke marlboros. 
You will Californian bikers with thick handlebar moustaches taking
sabbaticals in the French Riviera copulating on the beaches laughing at the
French for their thin wispy moustaches, buttery foods, and high taxes(oh wait I
know another country with high taxes)……


As the market is being run by chimpanzees in pink fanny
packs all swing trades to the longside are pretty much negated.  We need to see a nice orderly pullback for
anything on my focus list to be in play.


Next couple days “the man in white pants” will strictly
trade breakouts, earnings breakouts, and scalp high debt plays that look to


Todays only buy is YRCW at 1.55. Me like under 1.60. They
are getting a debt deal and are currently negotiating with their unions for
lower wages. If that happens the stock will run just like the auto’s, auto
parts suppliers did. P.S. the company is in some real trouble so trade the momo
if it dumps below 1.38 area sell it.



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