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Hey Guys!

With the help of the guys over at Trade Ideas, we have developed exclusive bulls on wallstreet scanners to help the idea flow in our chat room. Alot of people are scared to sign up for a scanning software service because frankly they don’t know how to create scans. Well, we have done that work for you. By joining the bulls/TI team you will receive our pre-programmed scans that we use everyday to find our trades! Since creating these scans, our trading has really taken off and the idea generation in the bulls room as been phenomenal. Just this month alone, we have netted over 15k in gains and a lot of this is thanks to the trade ideas scanners.  We have already received a ton of great feedback about the webinar last night.  So, a big thank you to Dan from Trade-Ideas for helping to create these scans and for conduction an excellent webinar last night.  If you have any questions feel free to email them to me If I am unsure of the answer I will find it out for you 🙂

Also, if you are looking for the sign up link here it is  

For more information and examples of how we use the scans.. check here




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