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Hey guys! We are doing a webinar tomorrow night. As many of you guys know I’ve used trade-ideas for my intraday scans for years. With their help the last couple months the idea flow in our chat has really taken off as they have tailored some very specific technology to find the type of stocks that I like to trade at the moment they are ready to be bought or shorted. We have my dear friend Dan from Trade-Ideas going to walk you through the technology of real time scanning and how to implement this into your day trading routine.

8pm Eastern Time Monday:

Style Meets Science as BullsonWall Street taps Trade Ideas Technology

Let me be blunt, you simply can’t wing it. You really never could but now the speed of information transfer in the market place makes it impossible. There is no one magic formula to make consistent money in the markets. What you have is windows of opportunities that open and close. You need to be there when they open to take advantage. That’s where the science from Trade Ideas comes into play.

Through Maribeth and Kunal’s efforts BullsonWall St has grown into a very reputable business teaching traders various set ups that lead to positive returns. The issue facing Maribeth and Kunal is that they know they have to be first to spot the set up in order to give themselves and their clients enough time to take advantage.

Kunal and Maribeth reached out to us and asked if we could use the Trade-Ideas technology to give them a better heads up on when stocks are setting up in their specific way. We discussed the set up and worked with Maribeth and Kunal until we got it right. The result is https://bullsonwallstreet.com/tradeideas/ a complete heads up display which shows stocks that Buls subscribers simply need to be watching.

This is flipping the advisory service concept on its back. Now there are more eyes watching these stocks and Bulls customers not only receive advice but are now helping each other and Kunal and Maribeth to capture alpha in the market. The end result is everyone wins more!

Dan Mirkin

Senior Managing Partner

Direct -858.922.9420



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This Webinar will cover the new Bulls on Wall Street market screening software.  We will show how to operate and get the most out of the software and explain how the software is used to spot opportunities.
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