With Consumer Confidence Numbers not looking so hot and most people not feeling so great about the future, is it really a good time to own retail stocks ahead of earnings season?  Arg. Hard to say, but I definitely lean towards “NO”. 
I thought I would look at the charts of some of the more popular retail charts and most of them don’t look so good. 
Here is the rundown..


If we see a sell-off in the market tomorrow, I’ll have an eye on the retailers that have boomed up the last few days.  There are some possible short plays here that you might want to check out..

PSUNway outside it’s bollinger bands. Stocks rarely stay outside (20,2) bollinger bands on the daily charts.
URBNOn the flip side, URBN is testing horizontal resistance.. Needs to move above $35 and hold. Today, we saw a headfake breakout.  Careful.

A few with decreasing MACD histogram:

Here are a few stocks still heading up with decreasing MACD histogram (bearish divergence). Careful going long in these:

CMRG – 4.5 resistance
ZUMZ – 21 resistance
– 24 resistance

Other retails of interest:

ANF – One of the few that is still setup for a possible long move.  Saefest trade is a move above 41 with stop just under.
JOSB – Currently at horizontal resistance. Possible swing long here over 44.
LIZ – Currently struggling with SMA200.  Chart is generally neutral and looks a lot like the SPX… not interested in playing a stock that follows the SPX.. might as well scalp SPY or TNA or TZA.
COH – Only about a buck away from horitontal resistance on overbought RSI.  Not touching it – feels like a chase at this point. 

See ya in the boom factory tomorrow.



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