DARE TO BELIEVE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant believe im gonna say this but it could happen…..it just could happen…1 year ago whoever would have thought that the republicans could win back congress…. 1 year ago who would have ever thought “THE JERSEY SHORE” would be come the greatest TV show of all time..the epitome of what true american culture is……….  1 year ago who would have ever thought A-Rod would ever win a world series let alone the greatest choker in the history of sports actually play well…
1 year ago who would have ever thought that $synm would ever put in a formation that might lead to a breakout.  Yet that moment might be here.  If $peix $biof and every other one of its ilk can go…there is a shot…that we might just see
.  the year of 2012 is upon us….

the stock has put in a bottom formation and is now coiling for a breakout. over 1.80 it can pop it has significant support at that trend line in the 1.6s



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