Possible Breakout Setups For 3/2

Here are a few stocks I’m watching tomorrow for possible breakouts…  Most of these are highly speculative and suggest you only participate if you’re able to day trade and have time to move in and out.
CXM – triangle setup looked pretty good today – strong volume and MACD might be ready to cross.  I like a move above here with first target at .73, next at .84
FOE looks swingable above 9.05.  This is a continuation play off today’s volume.  Needs to get above the horizontal resistance at 9ish.
FBC – Looking for a move above .70 on volume.. with some resistance at .75ish.  
GSI is testing MSA100 with 4 days of improving volume.  Worth watching.
PLM – A lot of metal mining companies had a bid day today.  PLM was one of them after the bounce off of SMA200 yesterday.  Is there more?  I’ll be around to see – love today’s volume.
Gotta go for now.  Probably have more later this evening.



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