3/3 Short Term Scalp/Trade Setups

It’s a busy night, so I’ll need to make this pretty brief.  I will be in the boom factory tomorrow, so I’ll have more trading ideas intraday.
TMR – Spec play – high risk, so be careful here.  I’m just looking for a move out of this consolidation. With this much risk, I’m not taking a position until it is over .31 and this is a scalp only. I will not take this one home to meet mama.
 DEJ  – The second spec scalp.  Again, very risk, so in and out for me.  Would like for a move through .315 before going long here.  Possible positive MACD crossover.
MVIS – Big day from MVIS.  Two things to point out here – if you’re already playing, watch this one closely at SMA50. There will be sell orders here as SMA50 has been significant resistance over the last few months.  
Since I don’t own it yet, I’m hoping for a move THROUGH SMA50 to confirm entry for possible swing.  Additional strength shown if it can move through 2.75.  
ARNA is attempting to reverse here after horizontal support bounce yesterday.  I like the Full Sto bottoming out and the positive MACD looking to be right around the corner.  I’ll watch it in the morning, but this looks swingable, to me,  from here to about 3.40.
IVAN – Been watching this chart for a few days.  I’m tempted to try and swing this one off of SMA50 support .  Full Sto and MACD are both attempting to turn.  We’ll see how it goes, but  a swing is doable here with stop just under SMA50.
VITA looks interesting over horizontal support at $4.
NLST looks interesting over 4.42.
See you in the Boom Factory.



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