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6-Day LIVE Options Swing Trading Boot Camp Taught By Paul Singh. 20+ Years of Trading Experience. Class Starts January 12th.

You've asked about it for years. It's finally here. With the recent feedback and demand we have gotten from our trading students, we have finally put together a comprehensive, options-focused swing trading boot camp! This inclusive boot camp will cover everything you need to know about incoperating options into your existing trading style.

Options are a powerful trading tool for growing a trading account, especially a smaller one. But you need to learn how to trade them safely, and correctly. Paul Singh's Option Swing Trading Boot Camp will show you to correctly trade this unique asset. It covers over 10 actionable options swing trading strategies that you can apply to your trading toolbelt. Paul will start the class by covering all of the basics: technical, market, industry, and risk analysis so that you have a foundation to analyze options trading setups off of.
The second part of the boot camp will focus on understanding options terminology, and strategies. This will include covering: intrinsic vs extrinsic value, "In the money", "at the money" and "out of the money" tactics. During this stage, Paul will dive into the specific Options trading strategies and setups that you can use to swing trade options.

For Stock & Options Traders

All Experienced Levels Welcome!

As a bonus class, Paul will be showing you trade examples he took from the setups he taught you in class, to show the methodology behind the trades. This is where you can see how to apply class learnings to real life market scenarios.

+ Get A Weekly Report From Paul On A Stock From Our Swing Report With An Options Strategy For The Duration Of The Boot Camp.

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Traders Who Have Never Traded Options Before & Want To Learn

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Traders Who Are Currently Trading Stocks & Want To Expand To Options

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Traders Who Want To Learn A Momentum Based, Options Swing Trade Approach

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