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Hey guys im off to costa rica for the next 3 months! No its not a vacation. I will be working! Every year I take off somewhere for the winter.  I go about my full routine of trading, running chatroom/bulls, teaching classes etc I just do it somewhere warm with  a new view.  Living in Michigan my whole life has made me detest snow and the cold! I havent left the house in weeks! I promised myself a couple years ago that I would never spend winter again in the snow and i mean it!  As you guys know Im not one to really ever spend any money Im a cheap indian but the one thing I do splurge on our “experiences” The chance to extend our youth just a few more months with my boys was too much to pass!  This year I have convinced my knucklehead friends from high school The Buttdogg and Tim “Dont call me the Sales guy” and Boner aka the turkish terror to come with me.  Hopefully by this time in April I will be a professional surfer and competing in some big wave events! ( i never surfed before)

I will be traveling tomorrow. That will be the only day I miss. @mb_willoughby and @szaman are in charge while im gone. I will be back trading on Monday and doing Bootcamp Class on sunday.  As you guys know I never ever really take a day off I apologize for missing tomorrow but i needed to take this morning flight as its a trek from the airport to get to tamarindo where we are staying.

If i am to be kidnapped please write letters to your congressman to come find me.  Maribeth will be in charge if that is to occur.


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