New Swing Setups from 4/26/2010 Scans

After today’s afternoon fade, I’ll spend the morning on the sidelines. I didn’t like how the market finished as Google, Greece, and Goldman Sachs weighed down on the overall mood.  Any time Google falls through SMA200, it creates reason for concern… China matters after all, huh, Google? 🙂  Even Apple felt a little top heavy today.  Did you notice Goldman’s volume? Pretty heavy and down over 3%. Let’s see if we put in a bottom during the first hour of trading.  Maybe we’ll shrug it off and just say we had a case of the Mondays.

Here are a few stocks that showed up on my scans this evening.  Overall, the scans didn’t bring up much, as expected. However, if we turn back up tomorrow, there should be plenty to talk about for Wednesday.


RMIX continues to receive heavy interest on volume over 7.7million today. This is NOT a safe swing trade. However, you might be able to catch some intraday scalp moves this week.


If SNSS wasn’t under $1, I would say this is a great looking swing setup – nice triangle consolidation with reversing Slow Sto. Resistance at SAM100, but a move through could bring in some buyers. Careful if you swing anything priced under $1, but the chart does look pretty good.


looks good again. I picked up a position earlier today, but the safer play is an entry above SMA50 (3.35). The MACD crossover today was impressive and Slow Sto/RSI14 are both trying to keep pushing up. Lastly, bollinger bands are narrow. Really like this chart and looking for more on a swing up to 3.80 range.


Others to watch HNSN, NVAX, GKK (on 3rd day of improving volume), RODM, KAZ(today’s volume). 



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