Well guys, I promised you months ago that when the oil sands started boiling I would post a blog. Last week I pointed out a stock that I have owned for awhile called Excelsior Energy. Months ago I said it was a good long term buy when it was under eight cents. Last week it was in the twenties, and now they have had two competing offers bringing the tick up near its 52 week high.
As I am tempted to sell, I keep asking the smart people around me what they think and I keep coming up with the same conclusion. Excelsior is quite possibly one of the most undervalued oil sands stocks out there. I’ve heard rumors of takeovers and other b.s., but none of this sounds too far fetched.
The company did make a deal with one of the best penny stock Investors/promoters out there. This guy is like a Rodman of Canada and he can certainly make a stock move. That is less interesting to me than the competing offer that came last week for almost double the price with potentially less dilution.
The company already has a binding agreement in place, and perhaps there are other things afoot that caused them to decline it.
Whatever the case, the oil sands are hot and few people know the junior Canadian oil and gas plays and players like my circle of friends. I will be sharing some of that knowledge soon, we plan to host a webinar for our premium members this coming Thursday or Friday with Kunal, Ryan and myself (possibly Leigh) on whatever charts or companies you want to speak about.
In the meantime, watch Excelsior, I think it’s a great buy under .30. Their assets alone are assessed at over three hundred million big ones – I would encourage you to check the press release.  I’m not sure about their American pink sheets listing, I prefer dealing on the Canadian Venture exchange when possible. 
disclosure: i own a pile of ELE.  a giant whopping pile.   



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