New Intro to Trading Course

Intro to Trading Course Overview

We’ve launched a brand new stock trading course! Intro to Trading was designed for new traders. If you know little about the market but are excited to learn how to swing trade or how to day trade, this course is a great first step. Here’s why!

Learn at Your Own Pace

We get it – you’re busy! You want to learn how to trade stocks on your own schedule. The Intro to Trading course is broken up into nine videos, all of which you can watch in one sitting. You can pause, rewind and review videos whenever you like. There’s no set class schedule and access is unlimited.

Unique Content

Unlike a lot of introductory trading courses, this isn’t just a collection of facts you could find on Investopedia. You will learn important foundational terms and concepts; you will also learn several actionable trading strategies. Managing risk, applying technical analysis to decision making, identifying trends, evaluating brokers, trading breakouts, and scanning for pullbacks are just a few of the skills you will learn.

Intro to Trading course

Retain What You’ve Learned

It’s easier to remember what you’ve learned when you know you will be tested on it. We’ve included a quiz with each trading course video so that you can test yourself at the end of every lesson. If you get too many wrong, it’s an indication that you don’t yet fully understand the material and should rewatch the video.

Relevant to Swing Trading and Day Trading

At Bulls on Wall Street, we teach swing trading and day trading strategies. Each provides unique advantages, so we decided to cover both in our Intro to Trading course. Almost all of the core concepts and strategies can be utilized by day traders or swing traders.


You can also pair the Intro to Trading course with our Bulls Vision annual subscription or Part Time Trader annual subscription! If you signup for either one, you will receive the Introduction to Trading course for free. It’s a great way to dive in and start learning while you are receiving hot stock picks and market guidance.



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