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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

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This course teaches a strategy-based system for identifying and executing profitable swing and day trades. It emphasizes managing risk and identifying high-probability trading opportunities. If you want to learn the market essentials you need to become a winning trader, start here!

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Intro to Trading Overview

Market Essentials

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Lesson Overview:

This lesson teaches core stock trading concepts, laying a foundation of stock market knowledge on which proceeding lessons will be built. We also introduce the Bulls trading system and why we believe it is superior to other systems.

27 minutes
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Hours of Video Lessons and Quizzes

Learn at your own pace and put your newly found knowledge to the test with our quizzes.

Market Essentials

27 min.    10 Questions

This lesson teaches core stock trading concepts, laying a foundation of stock market knowledge on which proceeding lessons will be built.

Technical Analysis & Charting

30 min    10 Questions

In this lesson, you'll learn how we use technical analysis and stock charting to pick high reward, low risk stock entries and exits.

Selecting a Broker

36 min    10 Questions

If you want to trade, you'll need a broker. This lesson provides the criteria you need to compare brokers and choose the one that best suits your needs.


21 min    10 Questions

Trends help us determine where a stock has been and where it’s likely to go next. Learn how to spot trends and use them to your advantage.

Flag Breakout Strategy

14 min    10 Questions

Flags are a simple, yet powerful trading strategy. In this lesson you'll learn what this chart pattern looks like and how to trade it profitably.

Risk Management

24 min    10 Questions

If you want to be a trader, proper risk management is indispensable. You'll leave this lesson understanding how to set stops and avoid losses so your account continues to grow.

Flat Top & Base Breakouts

30 min    10 Questions

You won't want to miss these explosive trading strategies. Once you know how to find these two chart patterns, you'll be seeing them everywhere!

Moving Average Pullback

17 min    10 Questions

This is the perfect strategy for swing traders. It’s low risk, easy to manage, and can provide great rewards to patient, savvy traders.

Pullback to Price Support

10 min    10 Questions

Round out your introduction to day and swing trading with this handy strategy. It’s a low risk chart pattern that breakout traders find particularly useful.

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