Mutiple time frames break out candidates.

@szaman here. The following seven stock are in multiple time frames break out zone. Most of them looks to set for all time high break out in coming weeks. The beauty of all time high break out is without no overhead resistance , the stock can advance as much as it wants. So lets watch them in coming weeks.


BCEI Energy stock.  All time break out over 26.60.

CFNL Bank stock.All time break out over 16.15.

GPOR  Energy stock. All time break out over 39.13. Small rest here or a pullback  would be even better.

PKI Medical Instruments and supplier name. 10 year base break out  over 32.

POL Chemical stock, strong sector. All time break out over 21.Orderly pull back to 20 MA so far.

SFUN Chinese internet stock. Coiling up here. All time break out over 23.91.

SMBL Healthy food maker, Breaks out over 12.90 with resistance at 2007 high 14.13.




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