Stock Market Review



S&P 500: +0.13%
Russell 2000: +0.04%
Nasdaq Comp.: -1.07%

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Flat week in the markets last week as we just seemed to digest this pop we have had.  We woked off the overbought condition that we had that should give us some gas if the bulls decide to ramp up this market.  In abscence of news the technicals of the market seem to be shaping up for a run.  Now with this fiscal cliff stuff around the corner that can change in a hot second but overall the price action is holding up.   If we can take out last weeks highs and then the november 2nd highs that negates the series of higher lows and can get the market really bullish.  On the other side if we dont hold here and dip and take out the 200dma then I would get very bearish and start to get heavily short as the market could rollover quick. Know your levels in the indices and they control a  lot of the movement in stocks overall that we play.


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