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How to Trade a Parabolic Short – $WTW Epic Short (thanks Oprah!)

What do you get when you combine Oprah, analyst upgrades and a volatile stock? An incredibly explosive momentum opportunity!

On Monday, Oprah announced that she was taking a large stake in the company and assuming an advisory position. When a celebrity of that level says anything positive about a company, buyers rush in, driving the stock through the roof. That’s just what happened: it closed at $6.8 on Friday and opened at $11.99 on Monday. From there, a buying frenzy (further compounded by analyst upgrades) drove the price to a high of over $19 on Wednesday.

I shorted $WTW several times today, closing the day out with more than $6000 in gains!OprahGain

Checkout this video to learn how to trade a Rubberband short like $WTW

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