How to Make Money at the Market Open $RLYP $BABA

I love trading the market open! The volatility provides a ton of opportunities for nimble day traders to make big gains. While I trade in the late morning and afternoon too, my favorite setups are in the first thirty minutes of the market open, which is why I’ve decided to give you two great opportunities to learn a few of the setups and techniques I use during that crucial period.

The first is simple – watch the video below. I talk about two awesome trades I made today in $RLYP and $BABA. I shorted both several times, and they provide a great example of some of the market-open techniques I use. Note the PnL at the bottom – over $4200 in gains! 


Your second opportunity to learn how to trade the open like me is a FREE webinar that I’m hosting on November 5th. (webinar replay now available here)


I’m very excited about this webinar, as I not only get to talk about one of my favorite subjects, but I will be joined by my friend and co chat moderator, Sayed Zaman! If you’ve spent any time in the Bulls chat, you know @szaman calls out some great trades, and is a particularly good market-open trader. You might also know that he very rarely does webinars – it’s been over a year since he last joined me for one of these educational events! So, WATCH NOW, before all the seats fill up!

Oh, and if that wasn’t reason enough to join, one lucky attendee will win free attendance in my 60 Day Bootcamp course! This is my flagship product; it teaches everything I know about trading!


Questions? As always, you can hit me up at See you on the 5th!




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