How I am Thriving During the 2015 Stock Market Crash


Whenever the market is choppy or bearish, I get a million questions about how I’m surviving.

“How much have you lost?”
“Have you blown up?”
“Did you get killed in the market today?”

The truth is, I thrive during market volatility! Today in particular, I made $5500 trading names such as $vblt $fit $nflx $tsla $ziop etc…


See, that’s what non-traders and struggling traders don’t understand: just because the market isn’t doing well, doesn’t mean you can’t make a ton of money. One of the great things about momentum day trading is you don’t have to ride the Dow into the ground like the big Wall Street funds; a good day trader is agile, taking advantage of whatever the current market environment is to make money. Make your money on what’s hot until it’s not – then move onto the next thing. It works equally well – sometimes even better – in a crashing market. Why? Because there is a ton of volatility, which day traders thrive on!

Now I know a lot of you are looking at all the red on your screen and doubting your future in the trading business. I used to be in the same position, stressing over what the talking heads on CNBC were saying and wondering how much money I’d lose when the $SPY took its next nosedive. But over time I developed a system to not just deal with market volatility, but to OWN it. While I like to post free content, like this video I just did on trading exhaustion gaps,

I really dig into my system in the 60 Day Trading Bootcamp. In the Bootcamp, I go over every single aspect of my trading system in live webinar sessions, then make sure you remember it all and learn how to actually apply it with homework, quizzes and a simulator. You’ll leave my classroom with the skills and confidence to tackle huge down days with a smile on your face and dollar signs in your eyes.

Of course, nothing beats learning live, right? If you’ve seen any of my photos, you know I play as hard as I work.

20150830-2015-08-30 20.14.54


So you’ll be excited to know that you have TWO opportunities to see me in Las Vegas in the next two weeks!

The first event will be September 25th – 27th. Traders4ACause is a charity founded by Nate Michaud, AKA InvestorsLive, to raise money for several great causes. Once a year, Nate brings together a panel of awesome hosts (including yours truly!) to share their trading knowledge. You can learn more, and register, HERE.


After that, I’ll be speaking at the Trader and Investor summit, which runs from October 3rd – 5th. I’m thrilled to be included in this three day, info-packed event! I’ll be speaking alongside some great traders and educators, including host and founder Timothy Sykes. To learn more, or register, visit the Trading and Investor Summit page. 


Feel free to email me if you have any questions. See you soon!




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