GamePlan Wednesday 9/16/2009

Yesterday was a day to remember. i am sure to write a blog this weekend on the day kunal00 made the world go booooooom. The kind of boom that makes people fall out of their chairs and rip the dentures of old ladies. Pretty sure I had my best day of the year. Unlike most people when I say best day Im not talking about 4% port gains. Im talking big dicked hairy indian gains. But thats a whole another story.
For today. market still over bought. Would not add swingtrades to the longside here. Any longs will be on shortenened timeframes.  As you can see the S&P is hitting extreme overbought levels we are approaching some resistance. If you want to take a low risk quick short. You can short here with a stop above resistance. p.s. I dont recommend shorting if you are a liberal, french, short, or have a thin wispy moustache (orlando bloom style) since you are destined to be poor and probably want to be.
Since most traders lose money and have no patience and find the need to always buy something here ya go!(fun fact 92% of all traders have p.e.)
GKK might go if the REITS are running. It retraced its whole move and fell back to support and is starting to reach oversold nature. This is my bread and butter pullback move.  If REITS run I will trade this very very very quickly. 
OPXA-little more dangerourous. I might buy on the low end of this new range for a quick scalp. Very tight stop under the support.
A lot of bigbreakouts in natgas sector last couple days. Will post later for breakoutpullback on them.
Still Short POT, INFA, LAYN
I am very very busy today so if anybody asks what Im buying I promise I will light @celtsfan on fire and we will enjoy no more music.



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