Lot of people asking me about shippers. I shall be quick. They do look good. Mostly all them have same pattern. Solid break to upside crossing major moving avgs.  They can be bought on low vol pullbacks to support.  Here are a few of my favs.
$free any pullback to 1.8s you can pull trigger on. tight stops of course
$Drys needs to pullback. Its overbought needs to work that off. Pull the trigger as close to m.a. as possible.
$gnk Good vol pattern. Nice move. Needs to pullback to support then lock and load. overbought condition needs to work itself out.
$sblk Can be played 2 ways. Looks like it might break out. In my experience when a stock is overbought the odds of a strong breakout diminish but in this market last 2 months its been quite the opposite.  Or you can swingtrade on a pullback to support.



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