4 Free Trading Video Lessons to Shorten Your Learning Curve

free trading video lessons

Everyone has different expectations of the trading world.

Some view it as a road for getting rich quickly. Some view it as rigged against retail traders. Some view it as a vehicle for freedom from their 9-5.

Trading is not rigged, but it is not easy or overnight to master. Through these wide spectrums of perception, you need a realistic depiction of what you are getting into.

These 4 free trading video lessons will show you realistic expectations for your trading:

What is a Trader?

So you want to be a trader. Do you even know what that means? Most of Wall Street is composed of analysts and hindsight heroes. In other words, mostly talkers, not doers. They will give you their opinion about a stock, but they won’t put their money behind their ideas, or buy and sell at the right times when it matters.

Many newbies’ definition of a trader is actually a stock picker. This video lesson defines the clear differences between the two:

The Reality of Full-Time Trading

You have seen and heard about trading from all the ads on the internet. But like everything on social media, is anything close to the reality of a full-time trader?

In this video lesson, we talk about what you need to consider when transitioning into a trading career from a full-time job:

The Most Important Trading Lessons From My Career

I have been trading for almost two decades. I have made thousands of day trades and swing trades. Instead of making all the mistakes yourself, learn my most important lessons over my career:

The Best Way to Learn How to Trade

Trading is not get-rich-quick, or get-rich-easy. But there is the slow lane and the fast lane. There are is so much noise on the internet for new traders. After training thousands of students since I founded Bulls on Wall Street in 2008, we’ve refined a unique approach for teaching the trading craft:

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