Hello, Bulls.
If you notices from the trades I’ve taken this week, most are very short term scalps (BLDP sold this morning for 8% gain and  PMI scalped today for 10% gain).  I’m still in GNVC (likely exiting tomorrow) and watching my positions in URRE, IO, and SONS.  SONS and IO are still technically supported, so I’ll continue to swing.
The stocks below are a mix between highly risky scalp opportunities and a few swing triangle setups.  Toss these on your watch list if you’re looking for a few short term pops. As with all nite-before-setups, I’ll wait for the setup to confirm before I enter a position. I’m not interested in tossing money at an anticipated move because of my time frame and the fact that I’m a technical trader and usually know very little about the company.  
So, here we go:
$ENCO – this is a high risk penny, but I’ll keep it around just in case we see a volume move through MA20.  

$TSFG – Just feels like we might break out of this pattern. Bollinger bands narrowing, as well.  Would like to see a move above a top trend line before I consider a swing from here

$END – Another to watch, but don’t get too excited until we see strength on move through MA20. Lots of recent volume makes this interesting.

$CPST – swing opportunity on move through triangle.  Would like to see some volume support, but overall, chart looks good if we get a breakout here.  Target 1.5

$RAS – Swing/scalp play long on move through top trendline – MA20 breakout would confirm if we attract volume.

$SPF – Nice triangle setup here. I like these looks for swing setups. If it breaks out above, I might take a position and hold with trailing stop.

$CSE – looks swingable above trendline resistance.  RSI14 looks good and I like the opening bollinger bands.




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