Nothing has really changed in my market analysis we are still stuck in range. I will look to add stocks at the bottom of the range lighten up on the way to the top. When we get a confirmed breakout above the range I will look to up my equity allocation.  As of this moment I am still 70% cash 10% short (FCX) 20% long.  Most of my trades have been in a shortened timeframe as we are still range bound. Its a scalpers market right now.
On the setups. Im going throw in some shorts here since I noticed all most everybody on the BOWS right now is strictly long only.  Always have to have some goods shorts in the bag. A great shortsetup will often work even when market is going up.
Focus List:

There are lots of charts today.  Support and Resistance levels are marked, along with some notes within charts.  If you have any further questions, send me an email.

I HAVE 3 STYLES THAT I TRADE ALL EQUALLY. swingtrading, momotrading, and smallcaps. below are some swings (great for partimetraders) 



Rubber Band Setup:  POT —-1 more big down day in this a break throw 100 towards 96 will setup a nasty rubberband snapback play

On the smallcap side I am watching $paet (strong break obove 4) $fbp (2.3s)  $ldk (6.5-6.7)  $chln (4.10-4.15 stop at 3.9)  (which i have) $bee (1.8s) $hpj (for a short if it doesnt breakout)

Nflx not ready yet but a light bounce towards the 50dma will setup a bear flagBullish:  $MMM, $SOLFBullish Breakouts
Kong looks to be breaking down…terrible volume pattern a break below through the triangle and m.a. can be scalped or if ur swinging a buy in the triangle with stop above in the 11.55 area



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