know i know! i got too many oil positions.  Being so heavily weighted is never a good idea when weighting your portfolio ( or so they say!).  Most of them are partial positons.  As you know I like to take my gains then ride a partial position for as long as i can see it go.  Thats how you make the big bucks.  As fun as it is scalping 1000 shares of a 2.00 stock for 5 cents here and there.  that might make you some spending cash but it wont buy you a boat.  when we trade we sell into those spikes for our income/pay bills.  Then we go for the throat on the rest of the shars when its “on the house” aka you put ur stop at the buyprice and see if some magic will happen.  Now if it looks liek there is no chance for that then i will just take profits.



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