Bulls Vision – See Your Trading Setups in Real Time

Bulls on Wall Street has always tried to be on the cutting edge of trading education: the best tools, the best services, and the best technology. So I’m excited to announce something I have been wanting to add to our product offerings for a long time – a screensharing service! Hands-down, this is the feature we’ve received the most requests for over the last several years. And I understand why it’s been such a popular request, as so much of trading is a visual exercise. As a day or swingtrader you are looking at charts and indicators and scans and order montages. As a new trader, or even an experienced one, it can be so overwhelming to put everything you’ve learned into practice, to take it from words in a class or text in chat and translate it to entries and exits.But what if you didn’t have to figure it all out on your own? What if you could watch every step a pro trader makes, as he makes them: how he has his charts setup, when he runs his scans, and of course what stocks he’s trading? Wouldn’t that make it all easier? We thought so, which is why we developed Bulls Vision.Bulls Vision will let you watch my screen throughout the trading day. In realtime, follow me as I scan, idenfity setups, and trade! It will provide a great complement to chat and the video stream.– Learn exactly how I build my watch lists and trade as if you are looking over my shoulder
– Receive real time access to all of my screens, scans, and setups
– Gain a huge competitive edge over other traders, think of me as your virtual stock trading surrogate
– Limited number of spots available, We will even personally setup your screen to help you maximize your trading software
[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/DG5XHYkKIR” width=”” height=””]
To watch me realtime as I am making trades like this in $hlf and see my screens and my rationale while I am doing it.
This is my favorite type of play to play during earnings season its called a Pr/Earnings Breakdown setup. See how I trade this stock
you will get to watch these setups unfold each day live!

To learn more or signup, checkout this page! Bulls Vision 
I look forward to helping you take your trading to the next level!

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