HERE ARE A FEW TESTIMONIALS from some of the guys.  Feel Free to email them or talk to them in the chatroom they will all give you feedback


started trading in the BOWS chat room since January 2012 after trying numerous other services like InvestorsLive and TimSykes. Hands down, for my personality and style, his trading method and his personality fit mine, and it was really easy to understand how he traded after a couple of months. I started to grasp his technique and had a good eye for stocks that would be potential huge gainers. I was primarily a swing-trader since I started (at 19 years old now 23) but after taking BOWS BOOTCAMP, I’ve finally come to understand the dynamics of this game.

I was struggling in July and August after having a record month of June. I thought I was the sh*t and I wanted to make big KUNAL $$$$. That’s when my recklessness took hold of my trading and my discipline went straight out the back door. I became very emotional and was very stressed that I lost everything I had made in the summer in just 1 month. I knew I needed to tweak my game, I was missing something… I put my ego aside and took the bootcamp. If I hadn’t my account would be busto by now!

Trust me, for all those who have a huge ego, especially if you’re Korean, if you ever want to tweak your game, join BOWS BOOTCAMP! It’s as good as gold! Kunal goes over everything you need to know to become a successful daytrader– in any market! I’ve become so disciplined, been inching profits almost everyday, and soon I know I’ll make it rain $$$$. Gangnam-style!

Kunal, I truly thank you for your services, the chatroom and the bootcamp, it would’ve been a disservice if you weren’t around, there isn’t anyone else I know who’s as good a teacher and trader, as you!


Alex Lee aka Alexandertrades




The Key to Success

I started trading in 2008. I had beginners luck right off the bat and made some killer gains. However, I had no idea what I was doing. It didn’t take long before I lost it all. I bought a bunch of books, studied tons of online resources, and watched the market everyday, determined to become a successful trader. However, I kept getting beat by the market. As time went on, I made improvements, but even at the height of my game, I was just breaking even.

Then I stumbled upon Bulls on Wallstreet. I had been resistant to the idea of spending money on a coaching service as I believed I could teach myself anything if I simply worked hard enough. But because I was continuously beat down by the market, I decided to give it a shot. Turns out, I needed a an experienced professional to guide me.

I was already familiar with many of the concepts that Kunal taught in the Bulls Bootcamp, but the way that he explained them really solidified my understanding. Kunal also went over concepts beyond just setups and technical analysis. He explained his daily routine, his mindset, money management, everything! Anytime I had a question about something, I would email him and always received a quick response. There were a lot of weaknesses I would not have identified if not for Kunal pointing them out.

The Bulls chatroom has also helped me significantly. The people in the chatroom are a good mix of hot shots and newbies, so there are always questions about setups that are answered in real time. Trading is a constant learning process and having a place to discuss trades and market activity intraday has had a significant impact on my trading.

I also gotta mention Kunal’s personality. He’s a real funny dude and the atmosphere that he creates at Bulls is incredibly fun and laid back. He is also very genuine. He makes himself available virtually 24/7. Throughout the Bulls bootcamp, he would end every session with a Q&A and often went over schedule making sure everyone’s questions were answered. He definitely exceeded my expectations for a trading coach.

I’m very happy to be a part of Bulls on Wallstreet and I highly recommend its services!






Stop piggybacking and become an independent succesful trader

3 years ago I became a ‘trader’ believing I could just strike it rich piggybacking my favorite traders online! 90% of traders fail, so why not just follow the best? Looking back, If this was the case, a 5 year old could be successful and be called a trader. Took no effort. But I had learned a little here and there, learning on my own, but was never sure if I was implementing the strategies correctly… always fearful of the trade, no trust…catching myself buying the tops, and selling at the bottom… full of frustration.

Finally a couple years later, my trading journey led me to finding Kunal and BOWS. I was tired of my poor trading habits, tired of lower lows in my trading account, and definitely tired of piggybacking and being dependent on the traders who were successful, but for some reason I could not be, even when following. I needed a change…badly.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well this is definitely where I was… I was ready for change.

My first month of boot camp I learned more than I had ever learned on my own in 2.5 years, and I knew this was the path to success. Kunal and the BOWS team is always there to help you succeed, answering all the questions you may have whether by email, phone, or online chat. You are never alone!

There is so much more I could say, but to get right to the point, I believe if you study, apply yourself to the strategies, and follow the rules and training given… there is no reason not to become a confident, independent, and successful trader.

I’ve always wanted to be great at something only a very small percentage of people can do… well BOWS bootcamp gave away the keys to open that door to make it happen in the stock market.


PENNYSTOCKID aka jeff griffin






For anyone wondering whether the Bulls-On-Wall-Street Boot Camp is worth it, I can wholeheartedly say YES! I have been trading for 2 years and have grown increasingly frustrated with my lack of consistent gains. What I was missing was structure and a plan. The Boot Camp is designed to reprogram the way you think about trading. It’s a fresh start with a proven method….AKA the ” Bulls method of trading.” It will teach you discipline and will allow you to trade without fear. You will know when to buy, when to sell and most importantly how to manage risk. Kunal’s methods and “Go-To-Set-Ups” are worth 10 times the cost of this course. He has perfected his craft and is willing to share it. Kunal is packed with charisma and genuinely cares about your success. He is very approachable and will make time for you outside of class ( he stays up to like 1 AM). You will NOT find a better teacher. Believe me I have wasted gobs of money on so called “gurus”. For those who think they might not have the time to commit, I have a wife, two young kids and a full time job. It is very doable! Feel free to contact me with ANY questions


from max aka MSLY in chat (This kid is 20 years old, he is rock solid in his discipline i think he has star potential)

There are so many good things I want to say about Bulls on Wall Street, I don’t even know where to start. If you are an aspiring trader and need a push in the right direction, or somebody experienced looking to pick up some useful knowledge, I’d highly recommend the Bulls Boot Camp and the monthly service. The Boot Camp will teach you the basics, and how to build on those basics until you have a winning, consistent money making strategy. All aspects of trading such as trading psychology, risk to reward strategies, setups, technical analysis, filtering through and understanding news and PR, and much more are covered in this 16 day course. Before I took the Boot Camp and traded with Bulls in the daily chat room, I was unsure of what it would take for me to become a consistently profitable trader. After the Boot Camp, I am absolutely positive that I will not have to spend another cent on trading education. It is now only a simple matter of time and practice before I can achieve consistency, and that feels good!




from megalocks

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to let people know that I recently completed the BullsOnWallStreet Boot Camp and thought it was really fantastic.

The course covers absolutely everything – from the basics – all the way to their most advanced trading strategies. I am an experienced investor with a financial background but really got a ton out of these sessions. I knew that there was a lot I had to improve upon in order to trade on a more regular basis and Kunal really helped pinpoint where I need to develop. The group was a nice blend of people just getting introduced to trading – as well as some more seasoned investors. The course textbook will be a great reference tool going forward.

What did I enjoy the most? In no particular order……….
– Kunal’s style is great. He is an excellent teacher who is not opposed to going over concepts and examples a number of times to help things stick. Kunal has a great sense of humor which makes the topics that more interesting.
– Tons of real life (and recent) examples
– The course starts with the basics and you build upon those until you finish with the BullsOnWallStreet setups
– Kunal is very generous with his time and is willing to help with any questions you have related to trading.

I strongly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about learning to be a trader that makes money consistently. I can see improvement in my results already but have a long way to go. Repetition and continuous hard work is a must.

Great job and thanks to KUNAL and the entire Bulls TEAM.



FROM jpsmith

I first met Kunal and the bulls team at Tim Sykes vegas conference last year. The vegas conference was basically 14 traders presenting there methods to us over a few days. All of the traders were successful in there methods and made money.
I was most impressed with Kunal and his ability to teach. His bulls team were taught by him and they all were successful traders and traded him method on a daily basis on stocks they found durning scans. Not a copycat trade where they just follow him blindly.

I joined the bulls website at the end of last year and let my Biorunup and Tim alerts subscriptions expire. I watched the bulls group trade on a daily basis in the chat room but I wasn’t have as much success as they were.
Last month I signed up for the first bootcamp training Kunal offered which was a 16 day course with another 4 weeks of follow up after the classes to review. This was the best move in my trading career. Kunal is a great teacher, he truly cares about your knowledge and wants you to be a great trader. Best of all his personally fits perfect into the mentoring role and really puts in the time one on one to make sure you understand his methods. it is still up to you to execute. My two major problems were risk to reward ratios / position sizing and timing the trade. We went thru how to setup charts and reading them, which indicators to use and why, reading indexes, risk to reward ratios and position sizing, scaling in and out of trades, PR breakouts, shorting, and the list goes on. Its my humble opnion that if you are just starting or have been trading for years and still not making the money you need to then it’s a MUST for you to sign up for Bulls bootcamp training.

I plan on putting both my kids thru this training in the future.



feel free to email or message any of these guys in chat! they love to help and are all amazing guys.


Here is the synopsis of TRADING BOOTCAMP if this is the first you are hearing of this!




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