The rumor mill trading is back on.  Just like a repeat of 2011 right when we were on the precipice of a breakdown the “magic hand”  came back to rescue the market starting a full blow squeeze.  Once the momo started you could see a mad rush of people trying to add some risk to their ports and get their hands on any stock that was too extended and close to a bottom.  We arent out of the woods just yet.  For all we know we just got a quick squeeze.  Going to need to see some follow through tomorrow.  I held $dmd and $opnt overnight in case the market wants to gap but Im still using bear market trading tactics for the moment as we are still in a shorterm downtrend within a longerm term uptrend.


WE had a great week in the chatroom.  Besides for a couple mishaps on friday due to the transfer onto the new  4.0 site I didnt trade much.  We were though for the week 18 for 25 on alerts which is not to bad for a falling market.  If I had been more focused and not broke a couple rules I could have boosted the numbers significantly as I missed a few gimme trades that normally I would have found like $bks intraday break on friday.


If you want to see how I trade checkout our SHORT TRADE IN GRPN  last week.


bulls crew! our next 16 day trading bootcamp is starting June 10th here is the information  let us know if you got any questions.

Here is todays video: i ran out of time a bit. I also like $avl over 1.5-1.53 area 


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