Morning folks. Looks like market is gonna be opening lower as the indexes are dipping premarket down across the board a bit less then .5%. OIL (uso) looks about flat with gold (gld) +1% and silver (slv) +.5%. Yesterday was an interesting day a bit hard to trade for the most part. We started off with another gap higher and then a fade to fill the gap. After that we pretty pretty much took off for the rest of the day slowly pressing higher and higher except for a brief earthquake scare that shook people out for a bit. then the market resumed higher on the push closing near highs. Overall a pretty positive day as we had a chance to fade that gap and go red and take out the lows.. but they held the market up. No major movers for economic data today so im expecting some chopping around especially after a trend day like we had yesteday. Right now the market is just acting on speculation of what the FED is gonna do on Friday so im expecting a lot more chop for the week. Its gonna be important to see if the market can shake off this slgihtly negative opening and make a run. If we can close thursdays gap we should be able to tap back to highs we had last week which gives us some decent upside left in the market. There are some decent setups emerging which should give us more then enough plays for today both long and short, Important to keep 2 lists.

also got dndn cool, merc staa qihu dang on watch



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