Boom Boom Stocks 8/25/2011

Morning folks. Market looking at a flat open today as investors digest whats been happening the last 2 days along with the fed meeting tomorrow. Been a fun 2 days in the market with a sharp bounce in the markets.. we are now starting to approach our first levels of resistance. Ill be watching closely to see how we react as we have the 20dma overhead. If we can cross that in next couple days that puts us right back to the top of the range the high we made at spx 1207. Into tomorrow i’d probably stay light.. whatever the initial reaction is to big bens speech we will probably get a fade of that and go the other way shortly after. tough to game it.

1 thought on “Boom Boom Stocks 8/25/2011”

  1. I like $NM for a breakout soon, I feel you on $PRMW as well. Pretty sure the market is flopping hard morning tomorrow, then in the afternoon it swings up. Today was pretty bad and all of Europe and Asian markets took hits. Likely the US markets follow suit 8/26/11


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