Boom Boom stocks 6/22/2011

Morning folks. Futures looking slightly down today. We’ve had a nice bounce last week or so. We are right at the key resistance level we have been talking about almost at spx 1300. That seems to be the level that everyone is watching.. a break above could bring in fresh buyING. With a fed announcement today along with the market near 1st level of resistance dont be surprised to see some profit taking. Lot of money sitting on the sidelines if we have a dip and it gets bought up we could take out spx 1300 and make a go of it.

my screencapture is all messed up today

here is my watchlist! sorry for not more detail..ill post then during the day..need to reboot computer. (its a great shame to me today to be an indian man and realize i know nothing about computers)



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