Boom Boom stocks 6/21/2011

Morning folks. Futures showing a higher opening in the markets as we look to extend our gains from yesterday.  The SPY is gapping up so far .63% premarket.  OIL (uso) up 1.3% , SILVER (SLV) .88, GOLD (GLD) .29%.  Looks like we had a decent move in the world markets with most finishing higher.  Not much has changed in the markets the past 2 weeks. We have been slowly inching higher for about a week now but no real strength behind the move. This is typical with so much geopolitical uncertainty as the market itself is oversold and on support and wants to bounce but traders wont fully get behind the move till the headline risk has receded hence why you see such choppy days with low volume but we still keep inching up.  Overall Im nuetral on the market to slightly bullish.  follow through is always key and we need to see that today.

subs: a good chunk of the stocks off our video watchlist yesterday are still in play. We had some huge winners off it like $nyny $ors $peixd etc There are still many that could explode like that keep those tickers on the list that are still in play and move off the ones that havent.

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