Morning folks.  Looks like another gap up .. SPY already jumping  .6 premarket.  SLV still going nuts to the upside up another 1.6% , GLD is flat, while USO still ramping up .5%.    what a day yesterday market had a nice gap on earnings reactions in the morning and then stayed strong all day with barely an dip.  Then towards the end we took the intraday high and ramped right into the close.

we are now above all major moving averages and right underneath highs. any dips to the 50,20dma spot should be bought and will be by me.

ive also added rpc premarket at .435 for fun! nice pr out if it breaks .5 it cold fly! this company sucks coc% though so i wouldnt hold it long or chase it

watch for a run in little bankis off this hafc earnings. last quarter when hafc had good earnings the whole little banki sector west coast reginals flew



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