here is the watchlist for the week. Many should be in play for next week.  Its important to study these instead of just relying on alerts.  I give out alerts to what i trade and my style of trading.  But the watchlists can be played numerous and modified to play your style.  If you take a look at last weeks sunday watchlist of 30 stocks.  6 ouf of those 30 or so stocks were up 20% of more for the week.  another 4 were up 9-20% for the week.  So if you didnt make money or your goals last week overtrading or selling to early might be an issue.  Get with me if  you think that might be an issue  sometimes its better to just find a few stocks you like and swingtrade them.  Its important to have a mix of swingtrades and daytrades.  I make a good chunk of my money from swings as the returns are much bigger and its much harder to fake myself out over a few pennies as I dont watch every tick.  Often to be a great daytrade you first need to master swingtrading as daytrading is just a smaller timeframe that you are watching

here is this weeks videos



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