Boom Boom Stocks 4/15/2011

Morning folks… Market looks like its gonna open up flat. We had a nice close yesterday with many stocks running or setting up for a run. Bottom china stocks were hot yesterday led by squeezes in $nep and $dgw. Gaming stocks continue to be hot also so keep an eye on these 2 sectors today. The market keeps hinting that we are starting to show a good buy opportunity as we have not gotten many sustained dips the last 6-7 months but everytime she gets ready to flash us her lady parts and get this thing started we end up just doing nothing or finishing red. What im looking for is a change in character something that breaks the pattern of the last 2 weeks. We have been getting many opening gap reversals when that trade fails and catches everybody leaning one way..thats when I plan on getting aggressive with some good swings…. otherswise there is not much else to do but daytrade as the market has become predi catble and run by maniac robots anybody notice how 1300 was defended so systematically yesterday. No volatility no slip ups…evyerhting is so cookie cutter and easy these days. Not much to do but play with thte robots and there game otherwise they will just steal ur lunch money and possiblely eat your brain.

Here are some stocks im looking at…



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