video blog of this week’s stock market watchlist.   This watchlist will be in play all week. Not every stock will trigger everyday so its important to keep updating the list. At night go through the watchlist and start marking them up to see which stocks look ready for the next day and which ones could be later in the week.  Set your alerts. I like to use audio and email alerts about 2% before the stock gets to my trigger so i can start stalking it even before the trigger hits!

THERE IS TENS OF THOUSANDS OF dollars to be made in this list!


check thursdays list and fridays list.  there were over a dozen big winners. No reason anybody shouldnt be ina  few of these!  lets kick some butt next week. here is a list of the stocks on finviz

im gonna send this out every hour till u all read it as i went to through over 2000 charts today!



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