evening folks! happy 4th of July.  Market has been straight up from a few days now.  We are starting to look a little extended.  We went from oversold to overbought very quickly. I suspect the easy money has been made and we could be in for a grind for a few days.  As of right now the bulls have earned the benefit of doubt.  We are above some key levels now … any dip thursday or friday I think will get bought as long as the news cycle is clean.  As has always been the case the last 2 years any bad news from europe will send us right back down back to to 1250-1300 but for now we have built ourselves a nice cushion and the price action has been amazing.  REal breakouts are happening all over the place with follow through.  The russell2k is leading the way and there is spec money flying around into beaten down smallcaps. We have a had a great couple days in chatroom lets try to keep it up and finish the week strong! STay tight and dont get to giddy thats always when the market pulls the rug. see you tomorrow!


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Here is todays video: 


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