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Tricky week last week for traders as the market was essentially flat. We had some nice strenght to start the week only to give it all back on thursday and then some.  But thursdays bloodbath offered no follow through as the market was strong on friday.  The most bullish scenario i can see is us breaking back over the 50 day moving average and taking out last weeks highs.  To do that we are going to need some type of catalyst.  There will be plenty of news & rumors next week as we have an eu summit along with the supreme court ruling over obamacare. Biotechs been flying the last month or so if we get some funky news in the decision watch out a lot of these stocks are up 100% or more in a matter of weeks could be some nice opps for shorts.

subs here is my full review of the market indices & the action last week & our gameplan:



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