After yesterday I thought the bulls were still in control after holding strong on the news yesterday after the FOMC.  I was quickly proved wrong and pivoted about 5 minutes into the open.  This market showed some signs of getting tired but the whooping it put on was quite fun to trade but I was surprised at the amount of selling.  Very few times during a month do you have a perfect trend day where the market doesnt even attempt a countertrend bounce or even have a relief bounce.  Today was one of those days.  We had a great day in chat today with some nice shorts in $keg $lng $nav.  There were very clean breakdowns today on the shorts. Usually shorting is tricky stocks never breakdown clean i find but today they were knifing through any level of support.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  Bob the bear and his merry band of misfits have returned.


Here is big willys watchlist for tomorrow 

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