Happy Sunday funday folks! Lovely day here in the midwest a great day for some of us desk jockeys to get out and get some sun and pretend to be normal human beings.  Powerful push in the markets last week with the S&P up 4%.  Not only did we negate the breakdown of the 200 day moving average but we also had subsequent follow through to the upside. We are starting to come up against some resistance if we can get past it we could make a run to the 50dma.  The russell2k in particular is in an interesting spot..a bit more push to the upside and it runs right back into its key breakdown spot where it has already faded hard before.




Here is the schedule for our June Trading Bootcamp https://bullsonwallstreet.com/trading-bootcamp-schedule-2/   we start TODAY! June 10th on sunday 8PM. drop me a quick email kunal@bullson.ws if your interested we still got some room.

This is a 16 day course that will take you from A to Z on my method of trading along with a 2nd month of follow up classes.

Check out our BULLS PRO membership.  If you have less then 25k and cant daytrade this is the best way to go as you can daytrade with our prop firm with even 5k and it gets you  FREE MEMBERSHIP to our chatroom and site! email me kunal@bullson.ws if you got any questions



If you want to see how we trade checkout our Trade Review FB

here is a video i made on our trade in SGOC  where we sold our last shares for 50% gain on the daytrade! 


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/UI7o1GOEkpdJ” width=”” height=””]


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/ZFgTfqKjn” width=”” height=””]





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