Decent day for the markets we closed flat on the s&p and the russell2k.  The nasdaq closed up nearly .5%.  For a moment it looked like it could get ugly for the markets at the open with a nice swoosh followed by a reversal.  The market spent the rest of the day attempting to make a run then getting pushed back then attempting to make a run. We did have a tradeable range today.  it was impossible to hold a stock for more then an hour but for scalping there was enough movement where there were some good profits to be made.  The intraday ranges in a lot of stocks are just getting so wide I havent really even traded any smallcaps the last few weeks except on pr’s and stuff like that.   Nice calls by @bman_microcaps in chat today. He nailed the move on $auth first thing in the morning and then the breakout in $zlcs at .98.  We got a good team in there that is getting better and better each day!




Here is tomorrows watchlist by @mb_willoughby 

Here is the schedule for our June Trading Bootcamp   we start June 10th on sunday.

This is a 16 day course that will take you from A to Z on my method of trading along with a 2nd month of follow up classes.

Check out our BULLS PRO membership.  If you have less then 25k and cant daytrade this is the best way to go as you can daytrade with our prop firm with even 5k and it gets you  FREE MEMBERSHIP to our chatroom and site! email me if you got any questions



If you want to see how we trade checkout our Trade Review FB

here is a video i made on our trade in SGOC  where we sold our last shares for 50% gain on the daytrade! 


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